Types of Webhosting

When looking for an ideal web hosting service provider for your new or existing website, you will notice that almost all web hosting providers have more than one hosting plan. The hosting plan you choose depends on your hosting needs. Web hosting is a service that is offered by a web hosting company to website owners. It stores your website’s content and serves it to people who visit your website. Therefore, it is essential to understand the different types of web hosting before selecting a plan for your online platform. Below are five types of web hosting. All of these types of webhosting are provided by our recommended hosting provider, Hostgator. You can find great Hostgator Promo Codes via: http://hostgatorcouponcodes2015.org/ .

Types of web hosting

Free web hosting

This type of web hosting is ideal for people who are creating fun websites that are not very critical. This is because, free web hosting is associated with; slow speed connections, numerous advertising banners and your website can be down frequently. However, some hosting companies may require you to buy a domain name to use their free web hosting services. Others offer a free sub domain that includes their name.

Shared web hosting

This is the most popular type of commercial web hosting. This is because; it is affordable, and it offers all the features online business would require. However, it also has a great downside which is security of your information and performance of your website. Since you are sharing a server with other websites, the performance of your website could be affected by the other websites. For example; a high traffic website can easily slow the server down or stop it. Moreover, some hosting companies host numerous websites under one server. Therefore, if security and performance are your priorities, a shared web hosting may not cater for your needs.

Dedicated web hosting

This is a server that hosts your website only. It offers more control over your web content, and it is very secure. However, it is very expensive as compared to using a shared hosting. If your websites receive a lot of clients and you want extra security, a dedicated web server would be ideal for you. Additionally, you can login to your dedicated server and install software of your choice.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting can be used for IT computing needs and web hosting since the offer remote virtual servers. Their service includes using a shared physical server that is divided into virtual servers unique to every customer. This type of web hosting offers more performance and control as compared to a shared hosting, and it is also cheaper as compared to dedicated hosting.


Collocation means renting a rack space from a reliable data center. You are required to provide your server hardware, physical security, power, internet uplink and cooling. This means that you are responsible for your data storage, server software and backup procedures. The main advantage of collocation is that, you have total control of the web server, and you can install any applications you need.


The above types of web hosting cater for different needs. Therefore, it is up to the user to determine the type that caters for their needs or the type they can afford. However, not matter the type of web hosting you choose, your technical support team should friendly and ready to assist you in case of emergencies.

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